Moist Towelette Collection

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Below are additions to the Collection
the beautiful and talented Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark is the most
creative contributor. Note that some of Mark's additions
are ones on which he drew - he's the only contributor to have additions of such.
I'm truly honored
to have so many beautiful pieces of artwork from Mark. He's given me dozens that aren't yet on the site.

Soon! These editions are included in his count, but not the total count for the Web site.

When I worked for Mark, we negotiated a raise - I wanted decorated moist towelettes, 2 per day.
Who the hell needs money when one can have moist towelette de art?!

If you'd like to see art that you can purchase or upcoming art shows, visit his art-related Web site: mutatovisual.com.

Mark at his art opening at LUMP Gallery. General BOY at a DEVOtional (DEVO convention).

To view the front and back of each moist towelette, click a thumbnail below. .

80+ Mark Mothersbaugh
60+ Rev. Toth Wilder
50+ Charlotte and Tina
40+ Philippe Mesmin

20+ Michael Pilmer | Epiphany
by Name | by Virtue
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