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"Other" can mean many things in the divine world of moist towelettes, especially when I'm deciding the boundaries.

There are many dirty items which require their own moist towelettes: mannikins, clothing stains,
printers, respiratory equipment, light bulbs, rubber wipers, eye glasses,
dolly wash (for reals), optic lens,
coffee stains, black heads and pimples, obstetrical purposes, face, foaming shower, beauty cleaners.
There are even specially-made ones for dirty hineys and before sex, after sex, and alone sex.

Purposes other than cleaning something dirty (but lovely nonetheless): anti-static, sun screens
(SPF 15, 25, 30, 45), hemorrhoid-relief, nail polish removers, lotion, first-aid treatment, antistatic, antiseptic,
deodorant, self-tanning aids, insect sting relief, after-wax treatment, sunburn relief, stainless steel cleaner,
graffiti remover, erection prolonging, HIV-1 killer, bug repellent, and even bug repellent for animals.

Alcohol prep and Benzalkonium Chloride towelettes are not included because there are too damn many.

Examples are in chronological order of when they were added to site, oldest is bottom right.
To view the front and back of each moist towelette, click a thumbnail below.


80+ Mark Mothersbaugh
60+ Rev. Toth Wilder
50+ Charlotte and Tina
40+ Philippe Mesmin

20+ Michael Pilmer | Epiphany
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