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News, Notes, and Mentions circa 2002-2008

This page started acting wonky, the new one is below.

News circa 2009-2011

22 NOVEMBER 2008 > 

 • Flurry of Additions to all the galleries.
Charlotte and Tina have contributed many more that need adding, but they reached
    the +50 mark today. Congrats, Ladies. And my apologies for the delay.
 • In a quandry about the "International" section. Details later.
 • Received a package from Diane at Sanfacon. Thanks, Diane!

26 OCTOBER 2008 > 
It bums me out that I don't have more time to work on the site. I am very behind in new acquisitions.
   Seriously need a moist towelette assistant to help!

19 JULY 2008 > 

Somehow the top navigation bars were changed to the bottom navigation bar on many pages.
    Annoying and seemingly never ending.

  • Went to see The Dark Knight at Universal Studios on the Imax last night. The Joker uses hand
    hand sanitizer. I thought it was really good (4 out of 5 stars) until I watched The Mission 
    later that night. "Pretty good" was downgraded to "good" when compared to "really good."

2 JUNE 2008 >  
Golly! This year is just flying by. Seems like all I do is work. No complaints there except I
    never have time to update the site.

16 JANUARY 2008 > 
Uploaded the site to a new server last night and today. Please change any links.

  • Ugh. So many broken links and somehow the header was changed on over 700 pages.
    The pages look silly and I'm working on it. The moist towelette love affair continues.

26 NOVEMBER 2007 >  
This site is over 5 years old. I've spent hundreds possibly even thousands (shudder) of hours
    on it. I've always been proud that it was a labour of love, that I never profited a penny.
    Maybe this should change?

22 NOVEMBER 2007 > 
  • The computer I use to update this site got a nasty virus and I just now worked it out. Am working for
    the next couple weeks so no updates for a bit. Sad!

  • Received the 2000 moist towelettes (mentioned below). They are lovely! Thanks to Diane at Sanfacon.

  • In Oct, my site had 2,537 visitors. To date in November, there's already been 3,325. Yippee!

22 OCTOBER 2007 >  
Updated the Home page. Now I remember why it took me so long since the previous update. Found it
    to be an
unpleasant and time-consuming process. Love Dreamweaver, but it has some major bugs.
    Surprising as this may be, I do have a life outside of Moist Towelettes. Dreamweaver made
    something that should have been easy very difficult. Kinda made me have a cranky rant.

  • Any day now, 2000 blank moist towelettes will arrive my door. What a happy thought.
    Each side of the moist towelettes will be stamped. One side will say www.moist-towelette.com
    and the other side will have my name and email address. Thought this would make an original
    business card here in good ol' Hollywood.

12 OCTOBER 2007 > 
The 2,000+ broken links have been fixed. Dozens of moist towelettes have been added.
    Feel free to email me (jbpopplewell@gmail.com) if you find any errors.

6 OCTOBER 2007 >  
  • A moist towelette from Burma.

  • Found out today that a book called New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks: Eating Up the Coast
    from Connecticut to Maine
by Elizabeth Bougerol has been published. It was to include a quote
about moist towelettes. I'm going to buy a copy on Amazon.

  • Have added about 40 moist towelettes to site and fixed many of the links. There were actually
    closer to 2,000 broken links.

  • The Mark Mothersbaugh contributions represented on the site have reached 80 - still have dozens to
    add from him. His artwork puts him in a Special Moist Towelette Division all by himself.

1 OCTOBER 2007 >  

  • Christ on a crutch, there are a lot of broken links...1,616 precisely. I'm working on 'em. No time to
add new items yet.

  On a very sad note, my favorite little friend, NutterButter, was put to sleep today. Such a
    deceptive term "put to sleep." Rest In Peace, Nutter. You are forever in my Heart.


FINALLY! Haven't been able to update the site because my computer was stolen last Sept. My
    friends, Katie and Scott,
 gave me one of their older computers that already has Dreamweaver
    and Photoshop on it. The updates will begin. Thanks Katie and Scott!

  A heartfelt thanks to Michael Pilmer for hosting this site for several years.

  This site is going to be uploaded to a new server over the next few days.

SEPTEMBER 2006 >  

  • Just returned from seeing Nitzer Ebb play 3 California shows. Amazing! Spent the lovely alone
     time that followed working on the site - been putting the moist towelettes in chronological order -
    the spreadsheets are beautiful.

Received a package with a very nice letter from Paul Gottesburen. He is a chemist at a company that
     "specializes in premoistened towelettes." He sent 17 samples to add to my collection. Thanks, Paul!

AUGUST 2006 > 
  Had over 1,000 visitors in July.
JULY 2006
  • On July 8, site was mentioned on Stolen and Contaminated. Thanks!

  • I'm WAY behind in adding new towelettes. Work is mad busy, please be patient wonderful contributors!
JUNE 2006 > 
   There was over 1,800 visitors to my site in June. I do have meaning and influence!

    • On June 13, Nicholas Greco was kind enough to link to my site and email me about trading. Yippee!

• Updated the Manufacturer page. Added all the Sanfacon additions. Thanks again, Diane!

MAY 2006 > 
 • An article in the Plain Dealer of Cleveland, OH mentions my site as a source and lists the URL.
   The article says, "More than 260 -- Number of different types of moist towelettes pictured on
   the Online Moist Towelette Museum. Actually there are more than 500 different types.
   Oh well, not everybody is good at addition.

Chris and Erin called from Serbia to tell me they got some moist towelettes from Yugoslavia
   and one from Dubai.
Exciting! They were going to Croatia the next day. Double Exciting!

Had 1,992 visitors in May.

 • Still cataloging. Painfully slow progress. It's already so very happy though.

APRIL 2006>  
Am in the process of cataloging all the moist towelettes on the site. I want to
    put them in chronological
 order. Most recently added will be at the top of the
    gallery home pages. JesusMaryandJoseph, it's a long process.

Had 735 unique visitors on one day, 17 April.

JANUARY 2006 >  
  • StumbleUpon sent 1,514 visitors.
DECEMBER 2005 >  
1,613 visitors this month.

  • Two days this month had over 500 visitors each. Fuck yeah, all y'all!

 The Ultimate Insult
mentioned Moist-Towelette.com 5 December 2005

OCTOBER 2005 >  
  • Site was down from October 21-23 due to Earthlink issues that were beyond my control, and apparently
    also beyond Earthlink's control. It made me really angry for about 4 minutes.
SEPTEMBER 2005 >  
  • StumbleUpon sent almost 800 visitors this month.
AUGUST 2005 >  
  • JockoHomo mentioned my site on his blog and it yielded over 100 visitors.

  • Had over 470 visitors from StumbleUpon.
14 JULY 2005 >  
  • Cow experiment? I had no idea. Cow Experiments.
7 JULY 2005 >  
  • My site is included in Planet Proctor Volume 11. Look near the bottom.
JUNE 2005 >  
  • StumbleUpon sent over 886 visitors.
MAY 2005 > 
  • Had over 1000 visitors from StumbleUpon.
13 APRIL 2005 > 
  • johnmscalzi described my site as "The Most Frightening Web Site in the History of Mankind."

  • 2300 total visitors referred from
Gorilla Mask.net in April. Wow.

  • Moist-Towelette.com first mentioned on StumbleUpon, which is a magic idea.

The Cumspot linked to my site on this busy day.
12 APRIL 2005 > 
  • "This online museum takes you through the history of everybody's favourite finger-lickin'-preventin' wet
     napkin." by Rogers Yahoo
Off the Wall. In April, this mention garnered more than 500 hits. Thanks!
 11 APRIL 2005 >  
  Was mentioned on All Things Christie - she called me a "guy." Careful there, Toots.
 10 APRIL 2005 >  
  First mentioned on Sensible Erection. No link b/c you have to be a member to see it. In April, this mention
   got the site over 900 unique users. Thank-you, Sensible Erection. Sorry, had to type it twice.
29 MARCH 2005 > 
   • A mention in the LUSH North American Forums. Note the "jokester" Shelby who claims s/he created
      the site. Q: Funny? Not funny? A: Not funny.
229 MARCH 2005 > 

  • An article on Michael Pilmer in the Raleigh, NC News & Observer in which he mentions the site.
    Thanks, Michael!

8 FEBRUARY 2005 > 
  • Received an envelope filled with goodies from the lovely and talented Erin. Thanks, Erin!

30 JANUARY 2005

 • Oops. Realized that Mark has been in the 20+ Contributor gallery for months and he really
   belonged in the 30+ gallery. I forgot to count all the Lufthansas. Negligent.


18 JANUARY 2005 > 
• Received a multi-pack from Melanie Bateman that she got in Guadalajara.
   It will be added soon enough.

17 JANUARY 2005 > 
• Added Playtex Products and A.U.1 to the Manufacturer page.
16 JANUARY 2005 > 
New Additions
 29 DECEMBER 2004 > 

New Additions

 • The first person to contribute more than 40 moist towelettes to the collection is

 • www.moist-towelette.com
28 DECEMBER 2004 > 
 • Site is up although not available through www.moist-towelette.com.

!!! Moist-Towelette.com panties
are for sale.
Added this News page and a New Additions page. Both are backdated a bit.
 27 DECEMBER 2004

Site is down, but will be up by tomorrow night.
26 DECEMBER 2004 > 
  • My Web site is down for the first time in over 2 years.
25 DECEMBER 2004 > 

After getting news of the artkolective site demise a few days ago, we're researching new servers.  
    Much thanks to Esotic for hosting Moist-Towelette.com 2002-2004.

Site is still up.

 16-17 DECEMBER 2004 > 

New Additions
 15 JULY 2004 > 
Dominic Muren mentioned my site on ID Fuel, The Industrial Design WebLog. To find the
iiii complete mention,isearch the archives.
14 JULY 2004

I don't know Steve W, but he linked to my site. Huh.
5 JULY 2004 > 
Netweed lists mine and one of Michael's sites next to each other in 'Peculiar and Funny Things
iiii on the Web.'
 13 DECEMBER 2003 >>
Someone named Reinard mentioned my site on Planet 9B.
 OCTOBER 2003 > 

Super Jesus mentioned my site.
  JUNE 2003 > 

An article unrelated to this site, however, it IS about a drag queen named  Moist Towelette.

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