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Another gift from Erin and Chris.

Erin wrote: "Our 24-hour stay in NYC
started in the room of Tom and Marion,
followed by wine at the diner across
the street. Our lovely and obscene
Aunt and Uncle (who told us that his
friends told him that he reminded them of
Frank from "Blue Velvet" (JB: I
can see that.) released us into
the NYC afternoon.

Eventually, we made it to Chinatown to dinner
at Ping's. Yummy. We then had to run the
better part of 2 miles to make a screening of
the (then-living) Altman's "California Sp?"
(JB: unreadable).

On the million block walk home,
we saw all
the high-strung NYU babies at a film
shoot and one of those great NYC - all
wood and locals - where we stopped and
drank Guinness and Jamesons and the
nice bartender gave us a free round.

All that free alky made the 500,000
remaining blocks home smooth
as silk."

Love the stories!

Thanks, Y'all! I heart it.

Added 14 October 2007.


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