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This is unbelievably delightful.

The slutty lady is holding a key...gee what could that
mean? And the guy on the back who has a mischievous
smile while wiping his face (and who knows what else.)

This is a gem indeed.

Holy shite! I just researched "Holland Rantos," the company
that made these moist towelettes. It was financed by Margaret
Sanger's husband, Noah Slee. Sanger is the
(the incredible woman who opened the first
birth control clinic in the US of A.
It was the first company to sell diaphragms
in the US of A. Of course, it was illegal at the time.

Brave people!

What will moist towelettes teach me next?!

More info:
NY Times and Planned Parenthood.

Birth control should be free! There are too
many fucking people on this planet
(that doesn't include me).

Another Playboy Club in the 'by Name' gallery.

Added 6 October 2007.




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