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This is a gift from Erin
and Chris in 2006.

They met mutual friends
Lauren and Jake in
Serbia for vacation last
year and traveled
a bit from there.

This is what Erin wrote:

"Lauren, Jake, Chris,
and I got this from Konoba
(a family-run Croatia
bistro) in Zagreb while
we were waiting for our
connecting train back
to Belgrade. Yummy and
homey. Like a florid
seaside grandma's
dining room except no
grandma or seaside.
Afterwards, we almost
missed our train even
though it was right in
front of us -- and
we were not drunk.
Language barriers!"

I truly love these types
of stories from Contributors.

Holy cow! Croatia.

Just in case you're
interested, Zagreb is
the capital city.

Thanks Erin and Chris!

Miss you both dearly.

Added 12 October 2007.


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